Prof. Bui Duy Tam, MD, PhD

Prof. Bui Duy Tam has achieved milestones and masterpieces in medical education and social services for Vietnam since 1960s. They are summarized as following:

– He founded the youth & culture movement GIÓ KHƠI (the Ocean Wind) in 1960 which was described in ”Horizons”(an American magazine) that Prof. Tam was among the youngest and brightest leaders in modernization movement of Asia at th

– He restored and upgraded Hue Medical School after being heavily damaged by the conflict of Vietnam war. He brought the traditional medicine to the Hue university curriculum, hence materialized the combination of Oriental & Western medicines for teaching and treatment for the first time in Viet Nam also in 1960s.

– He established the first private medical school known as ” ĐẠI HỌC Y KHOA MINH ĐỨC” (Medical University of Wisdom) in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) in 1970 and at present, the school is still in operation with unique medical curriculums.

– He, now at the age of nearly 80, is working on building another Medical School via support from Tân Tạo Enterprise of Vietnam, with the intention to form ”TÂN TẠO University of Health Sciences & Arts” which is aimed to be an innovative (hence Tân Tạo) Medical Institution of Vietnam.

– He wrote the White Letter warning about the Hepatitis B epidemic and its disaster for Vietnamese health care; consequently he started medical compaign against Hepatitis B with collaboration of multiple medical centers of Vietnam including Hanoi, Hue, HCMC & Can Tho Medical Universities since 2010. He became founder and president of the International Liver Foundation for VN in 2010 until present.

– Being a biological researcher graduated from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF, PhD class of 1972), he and his associates formed “Biotech Group for Viet Nam” to promote applications of modern biologies to challenge medical issues of Vietnam (in 2011).

– As Board President of San Francisco-HCMC Sister City Committee, he established biannual awards in Sciences , Health & Culture for Vietnam in 2011.